How to travel light?

28 décembre 2019

What to take with you when you travel? This is undoubtedly THE question we often ask ourselves before the big departure! The composition of your suitcase will of course depend on the place, the climate, the time spent there, but also on the planned activities or your degree of contact with civilization. However, don’t forget that one of the benefits of travel is letting go… of habits, settings, but also of material possessions. The contents of your luggage should allow you to be both versatile and autonomous, while remaining light and easy to carry everywhere. Here are a few tips from Alexis Kuperfis to save time and space in your suitcase.

1. The diaper system

Plan for several types of clothing to be layered if necessary. This will allow you to adapt to different temperatures and vary the looks.

2. The minimalist toiletry kit

Put liquid personal hygiene products in small clear plastic bottles. Also use products such as soap and shampoo to make travelling even lighter and greener!
Buy miniature versions of your favourite hygiene products and keep samples to take with you on your trip.

3. Mobile laundry

Choose textiles that are easy to wash and dry, so that you can do your laundry as needed during the trip.

4. Matching clothing

Choose clothes that can be combined – your jeans, skirt and shorts should be able to be combined with any tops you take with you.

5. Versatility

Take along multifunctional objects (a Swiss army knife, etc.) and light alternatives (a microfibre towel and a light pareo replace a beach towel for example).

6. Purging

Once you have chosen your clothes, systematically remove a third of your selection; your clothes alone should not take up more than half of the total volume. Learn from your experience: think about what you actually wore on your last trip.

7. Style

To juggle walks and visits during the day and outings in the evening without the burden of new pieces, combine classic looks (jeans, T-shirt) with accessories that can be light (collar, scarf, belt, sandals) and a stylish jacket.

8. The counterweight

Try to wear the heaviest and/or most bulky clothes during the trips to lighten your suitcase: big sweater, coat, hiking boots…

9. The lists

Making lists helps to streamline an emotionally-charged business, and to carry only what you need.

In short: why travel light?

In short, traveling light for Alexis Kuperfis is:

  • More mobility
  • More discretion
  • Saves time and energy
  • More comfort
  • More safety