French moving to London? Things to know before you leave

16 décembre 2019

That’s it, your decision is made and you’re moving to London? We can only approve this decision! It can be said that London is a city that combines dynamism and green spaces. Most of French people choose it to live a relaxed life while working on their English. In addition, the city is very popular and includes many French people who are already expatriates. This is the case of Boris Lefebvre, who now shares with us his best advice for any Frenchman wishing to move to the British capital.

Where to live and at which price?

Certainly the first issue to deal with when you move to another city! What you need to know first of all is that London is very wide and has a lot of different districts. Globally, the north of the city is richer than the south and the centre is the most popular as Chelsea and Nottinghill. Finally, the east is becoming more and more trendy. Concerning the price of housing, you should know that roommates reign in London. Indeed, for a nice room (in shared accommodation) with a double bed, it is easy to expect £400 per month (450€). What will also affect the price is whether the apartment has a living room or not, as often happens to lower the price, the living room is transformed into a bedroom (certainly the rent will be cheaper, but less friendly). However, if you are looking for an individual apartment, be aware that the prices can be much higher but it all depends, once again, on the district…

What is the cost of living?

Unfortunately, the purchasing power of a Frenchman in London will not be very strong, the euros are leaving quickly! Living in London is known to be particularly expensive… But once you earn a salary in pounds sterling, life becomes much easier. Anyway, know that in London there are always good deals and sales everywhere, you just have to find them! For your daily shopping, you can go to supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s or Tesco. Otherwise you can go to the largest market in the city, that is called London Borough market, located near London Bridge.

How to move in London?

The metro (or the tube) is obviously the best way to move in the city. But the price is still very high (a card is around 10€ per day) and it is constantly under construction. Concerning the bus, it is also quite expensive and quite long when you have long distances to make. In any case, we advise you to use the Oyster Card, which is magnetic and available for everyone. This solution can save a little money compared to the “pay-as-you-go” solution.

What about the social life?

Due to its very multicultural aspect, London allows a relatively easy integration. People are generally very open and accessible. Most British people often enjoy a beer between friends, so bars are an ideal place to meet new people. In reality, all you have to do is smile and be friendly, even if your English is not good enough, people will come to you easily.